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At Trends and Strides we will simplify your life while inspiring your style. The invaluable time, money and stress you save will increase your bottom line for greater personal and professional success. Working with your unique body, budget and lifestyle we’ll share our style secrets and strategies to ensure you exude confidence while looking effortlessly stylish every day.

Style Assessment

The first step we will take is to assess your personal style. In this wise, Trends and Strides will have a head-to-toe one or two hour long assessment and also teach you how to strategically wear colors, lines, prints, textures, and fabrics to make you look your best. Trends and Strides will also address accessories, hair and any other concerns you may have regarding your image. You’ll leave with a clear understanding of how to be a smarter shopper and great tips that you can implement to feel and look amazing now!

Colour Confidence

Everyone can wear every colour, but getting the SHADE right and you will look instantly younger, your eyes brighter, your skin clearer, and your jawline more defined.  Without surgery or chemicals and in just 2 hours!

Tackling your closet by season, Trends and Strides will help you discover what’s working, what’s not and what’s missing! You will learn how to make new outfits out of existing clothes and  injecting life back into some of your old collections. We will build new outfits with the clothes you already have and create a shopping list for the ones you don’t!

Working Wardrobe

Do you want to retain your own personality and style while still looking professional? Have you a job interview coming up where you know making the right first impression is vital and can give you a head start over the other candidates?  Perhaps you are ready to move to a more senior position and your clothes need to reflect your new authority whilst still making you approachable.  Your work outfits are probably the most worn and most important in your wardrobe, yet are often the ones least  thought about. Be confident in YOUR work style

Style Confidence

This is a follow up to the Wardrobe Clear Out. We can work with you to achieve your desired results. You can appear taller, shorter, slimmer or curvier just with the clothes you wear – no diets, no stretching machines and no 360-degree mirrors or stripping down to your undies

Personal Shopping

If you dislike shopping or just want to refresh your look, save a lot of time and stress with a personal shopping trip that works with your personal style and budget. Your personal shopper will pre-shop and pull all the items from your shopping list in your size and color and have them waiting for you in the dressing room. At your scheduled appointment time, you will meet with your fashion stylist to try them on. She will help you prioritize and select only what works for your body, budget and lifestyle.

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