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GROWING up my mother used to say, the way you dress is the way you will be addressed. This is saying in many words that we are valued by how we present ourselves.

God has designed us to project His radiance and beauty in this world. It therefore baffles me every time I see individuals who think being modest is anti fashion. I have long realised that dressing in a classy way actually requires some from of modesty. Talent is what will get you where you want to be, but the way you present yourself is what will get you in every door.

As children of God, we have to express ourselves the best way we can and that we feel most comfortable in. We have to let the godly aspects of our personalities shine through. As in all areas of our lives, so also in fashion or outlook, we need to keep improving. This is a responsibility we cannot pass on. For example, who says because you are married you do not have to worry much about your outlook. The truth is, the real fashion work begins when you got married. For the ladies, you cannot let go of what attracted him to you in the first place (that is a tip).

We have seen many marriages crumble simply because ladies let go of themselves. Many men are “easily scared” when their partners let go of themselves. Some will never complain openly but everyday they look at their partners the corners of their eyes and ask themselves if they had not made mistakes in their choices of partners. Remember a wise woman builds her home, but a foolish woman tears it down with her own hands.

Apostle Paul’s statement in the bible is positive – that “women should adorn themselves” but his point was how. These are not the words of an anti- fashion prophet. In Revelation 21:2 the term was used that a bride should beautify herself for her husband – this is an expression of being well-kempt. But modesty is not just about clothing, it is about our behaviour, attitude and actions. From the clothes we wear to the way we carry ourselves, so that others can emulate us.

In doing this you must choose colours that compliments your natural colouring and be distinctively you. Don’t wear an outfit because it’s in vogue or your friends wore same. Remember we all have different body shapes and we look best in different outfit structures. This, no doubt is the beauty of our uniqueness.
I always advise my clients that whenever they are in doubt on what to wear, they should just wear something simple. Sometimes we are all in doubt of what to wear, and to be careful not to go overboard, the best is to go simple in a very selective manner. Make it worth the stare. Dressing up doesn’t have to be the same old pattern, do it your own way. Explore, and try something new. Your white shirt doesn’t necessary have to go with a black skirt all the time. Think outside the box, think about colour blocking and highlights. Create your own style, embrace it, and live it.

Your personal style:
Everyone of us needs to find our personal styles, and by this, project your mood, interest, confidence and personality. Remember what you are comfortable in will improve your confidence. Your personal style is what you feel best in.

Know what suits you and what you are looking for.
Don’t get distracted because everything displayed on the shop rails will wink at you. I wont lie to you, it takes the sharp eyes of a personal shopper or fashion consultant to catch the best deal on the fashion rails. It takes more than just walking down the shopping mall to find the most reasonably priced item, what suits you best and what you had in mind or intended to buy.

Shopping is more than walking in and out of the shops. You have to understand the “politics” of combination to suit your style. With the myriads of shops with different labels, if care is not taken, you may end up buying gears that will grace your wardrobe more than your body.

As a fashion consultant, I always advise my clients to take their wardrobe upgrades or shopping seriously, if they want to be classy. As simple as shopping may seem, it takes “wisdom” to get the best bargain you can ever get.

Be you! Be a force of beauty!

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