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Trends & Strides is a fashion consultancy company that serves as the intermediary between fashion suppliers and customers. We are out to ensure the satisfaction of customers in their daily online shopping.

Trends and Strides is at the fore front of fashion Customer Relationship Management (CRM) where we deploy the tools and techniques needed to understand customers’ behaviours, so as to communicate with them better and also effectively. We maintain relationships with the customers of our clients who we believe have different requirements that should be respected.

People spend a lot of money buying clothes, shoes and maintaining wardrobes so as to be unique in life, to be different and stand out in the crowd. Unfortunately, precious money is wasted if they have no idea of what their image tell the people who look at them.

At Trends and Strides, we not only be your eyes, we work with you to achieve your PERSONAL BRAND that is unique and special to only you. We will work with you to ensure people see the real you and the beauty you radiate. We start from your wardrobe and make a mark on your outside.

At Trends and Strides, we believe image is everything. And this is our core focus. Without a good image, you cannot be successful in this world.

At Trends and Strides, our aim is to impact the world with our fashion creations and ideas. We specialise in everything fashion from image management on a corporate basis to advise on hair colours for individuals.

At Trends and Strides we believe image is mostly about how you view yourself. Any person, no matter what their age, physique, size or body type, can wear and look good in clothes that are in style. We also believe that those who wear clothes and accessories that are well suited to their body type and colour palette exude confidence.
On clothing, we subscribe to the idea that fashionable clothing need not be expensive, while a person’s wardrobe should reflect their personality while wardrobe management need not be intimidating.
We let our clients know that it is possible to look stylish and professional without breaking the bank.


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